Billy Sheahan Photography April Postcard

When I was in high school, I was the lead singer and keyboard player for a garage band. At the time, we were pretty sure we were the real thing. I remember one week discussing with my band mates that perhaps we didn’t have to study for our chemistry exam the following Friday because we might get signed before then. Luckily we studied for the test anyway.

So when a friend of mine recently asked me if I would photograph one of her favorites bands, The Advisory, lots of memories of that time came streaming back. We spent a few hours in the morning photographing the band in my studio and then out and about the warehouse district in my neighborhood.

It was a lot of fun and the band were really having fun giving me the usual band poses I remember doing in the mirror with my own band all those years ago. There’s something about band photos that I’ve always enjoyed. A way of putting a face on the music. The face of hopeful dreams… with a dose of attitude thrown in.


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