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I feel like I just graduated from accounting school. I’ve literally spent almost every waking moment in the last month recreating the entire financial history of the photography business from scratch. My accountant and I agreed that the software I had been using was slowing me down and we decided to bite the bullet and switch to something else.

I think it was a good idea and as of last weekend, we finally got caught up. And now I can begin to add sleep back to my schedule once again.

So my calendar has changed overnight from business to pleasure. It seems as if I’m making up for lost time. When someone says, “Are you free for dinner next Wednesday?” I actually have to look it up now, and more often than not, the answer is, “No, I’m already out to dinner that evening.” Very funny.

But it’s been nice to catch up with everyone. Lots of good stories to regale people with.

I’ll have to write more about the wonderful experience I had in Santa Fe, but for now I’ll simply say I spent time with a lot of great photographers including once called Sarah Cramer who took this great photograph of me on the site of some Native-American ruins.

And if you haven’t clicked on the Gallery of the Month, which is something new at, you can see more work from Santa Fe there.

Back in Chicago, we had the Great Chicago Blackout last Saturday night to elevate awareness of electricity consumption, and here’s a panoramic view of that night from my roof. It’s been good to get away from the tiny tiny columns of numbers!

And now I must go, because I’m writing this at Starbucks and I can no longer stand to listen to the idiot on his cell phone next to me blathering on and on about things he should be talking about in his office. Sheesh.

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