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My friend Jill used to have a saying. When she lived here in Chicago, inevitably during some winter storm, we’d be walking, hunched over, trying to avoid the horizontal snow and blinding wind. And she’d look over at me and say, “I’m so tired of being stock weather footage for CNN.”

“And here’s what it looked like in Chicago today as a brutal winter storm….”

Jill moved to California, and then to Nashville. I don’t think she’ll have to worry about being stock footage anymore.

Me however, still here. Yeah we’ve had our share of snow this winter already. Just last week I was walking outside one afternoon, enjoying a rare 50 degree day in January, but six hours later my friend Yvette and I were doing that same hunched over walk through a vicious snow storm and single digit temperatures. What gives?

I’m looking out the window again tonight at yet another snowstorm.

It’s silly to complain about it. I mean really. Do we think we’re going to ever get a pass on winter here. Not so much.

But I think it’s taking a bit more of a toll on us this year because we’re starting to drop like flies around here. Lots of people I know are sick or getting sick. I got nailed with the three day flu this week that has finally dissipated into a horrible sounding cough, but at least I can finally get out of bed.

To look on the bright side of things (and end on more of an up note), the days are getting longer every day. We’re into February so things are only going to get better. We’ve heard George Bush’s last State of the Union address. And a bunch of us get to vote for our next President in two days.

Yes, things are rather looking up.

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