Better early than never

Funny story. Today I’m driving up from Albuquerque, New Mexico up to the mountains in Santa Fe, going over my itinerary, when I realize I’m here a day early. Not sure how I managed to do that, but my workshop doesn’t begin until tomorrow and here I am.

It’s even funnier because I haven’t really slept since Wednesday night, as I’ve been frantically trying to fill a couple of photography orders (thank you) and getting a new portfolio ready for the workshop. Pretty much busting my ass to get everything done in time, and I actually had an extra day.

I decided to pull an all nighter on Thursday night retouching and printing. Friday I delivered six large beautiful pieces to one of my clients who insisted on taking me out to a lovely dinner and several bottles of wine, when what I really needed was sleep. So by the time I got home and packed for my 7am departure the next morning, it was 2am, and so the sleep I was desperately looking forward to wasn’t to be.

Mark and Melissa, who continue to be the most amazing friends and had insisted on driving me to the airport, arrived smiling and happy to see me even though the hour was a bit ridiculous. When I asked why they had chosen to drive me, Mark simply reminded me of all the people I had driven to the airport at ungodly hours and… well… he was right.

So when I realized on the way to Santa Fe I was a day early, I had to call him and tell him of my ironic confusion. We had a good laugh and since I had nowhere to stay tonight since my room at the school wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow, he looked up a little place he and Melissa had stayed when they were here.

I called and made a reservation at Las Palomas, a charming little place and was booked into a beautiful little pueblo style room. I’ve had apartments smaller than this place. I have a kitchen, living room, bedroom and full bath. Oh and a fireplace. Nice.

I dropped off my bags and headed out, in need of a little exploring and some dinner. I walked down San Francisco towards the plaza. I saw a few places to eat that looked promising, but decided to keep walking until I came upon a little alley with a sign with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it. Café Paris. Well. You know me. I walked down the alley and found the beautiful little café and walked in to the sounds of live accordion music.

I was originally just going to get a coffee and a sandwich, but this was too good to hurry through. Before I knew it, I was sitting at a lovely little table and John, who seemed to be the manager, came over to my table and ran through the specials. Without even opening the menu, I said it sounded perfect. He walked away smiling and looked over his shoulder and quietly whispered “Can you teach everyone to be such an easy dinner guest?”

He returned with a glass of wine and I settled in with my book and enjoyed a few hours of relaxed dining, listening to the accordion performance that included my favorites, La Vie en Rose, La Mer, Padam Padam and even the Theme from The Third Man.

I’ve been reading Wonderful Tonight, an autobiography by Pattie Boyd, the 60’s model and wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, though not at the same time. One of my friends recommended the book after reading a few chapters of my own book, saying her stories of modeling reminded him of some of my passages.

It’s funny how things work out though. I really wanted to get to Santa Fe fresh, and I was afraid with the travel and driving I would be anything but. Yet somehow, here I was enjoying a delicious meal and wine and reading my book, listening to the music. I’m not sure how I could have been any more relaxed.

I walked back to my little home for the night, enjoying the clear sky and the stars. It will be good to finally get that good night sleep I’ve been dreaming about.

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