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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I was having lunch with a producer friend of mine the other day and we were trading stories and after I finished one of my recent tales, he paused for a minute and said, “You really need to write a book about all of this. This would make such a great scene from a movie!” He does have a Hollywood connection. So who knows.

And so that’s what I’ve been doing. I always knew I would publish a photography book at some point, but I thought it would be more pictures than words. I’ll probably still do that in the near future, but I think this particular one is going to be more words than photographs. We talked about it some more and it seemed like it would be interesting to use my photographs as a jumping off point for the personal stories I’m writing.

I’ll probably keep the text to myself for a while, at least not here anyway, but the opening paragraph has been getting rave reviews from a few people I’ve shared it with. Compelling I’m told. That’s a pretty nice tease, right?

When I’m not writing, I’ve been scanning a lot of negatives lately, discovering some new images that I’ve overlooked in the last decade or so, and it’s been nice to relive some of those moments. This one is a self portrait I took while I was in Berlin in the mid-90s attending a film festival that one of my films was being featured in. I’m standing in front of the theater where it played… with a lot more hair than I have now.

Funny to look back and think about what I was up to back then. I believe I just had 12 stitches removed from my head after I was mugged in Chicago, just a few days before I was heading to Germany. The doctor who stitched me up did something a little out of the ordinary when I told him I was going to be in Europe when the stitches were due to come out. He slipped me a suture removal kit to take with me, and before we went out one evening, a friend I was traveling with took out my stitches in our hotel room. She did a good job. Steady hand, she had.

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