Billy Sheahan January 2008 Postcard

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Some photographs come out of nowhere. Last month during the crush of holiday parties, deadlines and last minute shopping, I got a call from a friend of mine who needed a quick photograph taken of her to promote a band. I already wasn’t getting enough sleep, so I figured, why not. We found a few hours between obligations one evening and made plans to shoot.

Lisa needed a picture of herself in a yellow t-shirt. I never really found out what the significance of the t-shirt was. Sometimes I just take what I’m given and don’t ask too many questions.

After we finished with the yellow photos, she started rummaging through some of my clothing racks and pulled out a large black tulle crinoline. She started playing with it in front of a mirror and I got an idea. I moved a light to my red wall, and told her to stand under it. She began to wrap the tulle around her head and we poked and pulled at it until we created a shape that looked almost like a flower.

We made a few images and ran out the door to make our holiday plans for the evening. The next day when I had a chance to go through the images, I realized that even in that rushed moment, we created something original and beautiful.

I’m not sure what even happened with the yellow t-shirt photograph. I hope the band liked it. All I know is that during a hectic time of year, I had a moment to capture a moment that literally came out of nowhere.

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