A busy good week

It’s early Friday morning, but already it feels like it’s been a full week. One more day.

New Years Redux, my annual New Years party for those who weren’t satisfied with their official New Years Eve, went off splendidly again last Sunday. I always seem to have parties on the coldest nights in Chicago, but it didn’t keep a large crowd away that kept growing until we counted down at midnight.

Of course three hours of vacuuming confetti the next day was a bit hysterical. One should always pay attention to confetti launchers with a warning label that reads “OUTDOOR USE ONLY.” Oh well.

Thanks to Robert for his fine wine selection as usual.

“This week I also received an email from Doug Menuez, a tremendous photographer and my instructor for the Santa Fe Photography Workshop at the end of the February. I’ve got some portfolio revisions to finish and a bit of paperwork to prepare for that. It sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful week there.

Last night I met my photography rep at O’Hare airport for dinner and a meeting about my current direction. She made reservations for us at a restuarant at the airport Hilton called the Gaslight. She told me on the way in she thought it used to be a speakeasy, and I could see that they hadn’t redecorated since prohibition.

Our server arrived dressed in what can only be described as a Playboy bunny outfit, minus the ears and cotton tail, but definitely sporting the appropriate cleavage. I felt like I was in Vegas, which I guess was perfect because it’s always strange to be at an airport when I’m not actually flying anywhere. I did feel like I was on vacation for a few hours.

We came up with a good game plan for the next few months and I walked her to security, not knowing whether her flight would manage to leave on time in the snowy weather, but even though the departure board was full of “DELAYED,” she managed to get out on time.

I also made tentative plans for a job in New York in early February. I always like working in New York. That city is starting to feel like home to me. I think I’ll only be there for a few days, but it will be nice to get back there.

I’m 12,000 words in on the book. It’s started to get to the complicated part of fitting all the pieces together in the right order. It’s not going to be linear. It starts in the present day and jumps back and forth in time, so it’s a bit of a puzzle. I’ve already been reordering the chapters. But I think it’s going to work. Still getting rave reviews on the draft.

And finally I just heard back from a friend of mine in Paris that I rent my apartments from whenever I’m there. He has a nice place for me to stay when I’m there in April. It’s in le Marais, which is a great arrondissement to live in. It’s a charming little studio near the Hotel de Ville. He’s faxing me the lease tomorrow and I’ll be all set.

Yes, a busy week. But a good one.

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