Billy Sheahan November Postcard

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It’s my turn. Parents who sacrifice everything for us all eventually reach the point where life flips and they need our care and attention. It was much later in life that my Mom began to discover so many talents and interests that we had no idea were a part of her.

Teaching herself Morse code and an incredible amount of technical skills to become an Extra Class ham-radio operator, traveling all over the world and making friends without leaving what used to be my bedroom.

And then there is her violin. Again, teaching herself to play and eventually becoming good enough to perform in front of small audiences from time to time. Proving she excels at being both a left and right brain person.

She and I always had a musical connection. I remember her really being interested in the music I was listening to as I was growing up. Some of it she liked and some she didn’t, but she always was curious about the bands I loved.

I borrowed her violin during one trip home recently to visit her in the hospital. I’m not sure why I needed to photograph it. Only that I did. It’s my turn.

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