Billy Sheahan Photography October Postcard

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Change is all around us. Things and people you assume will be in our lives forever come and go. Life becomes circular. Like the seasons. The winds blow a little colder. We stop taking the warm sun for granted.

Park swings dangle empty. And the asphalt basketball courts that a few months earlier were full of sweat and hustle are silent. Except for the sounds of leaves collecting in the corner.

Fall has arrived. Basketball has moved indoors for the season.

I took this picture this past summer during a visit to Tennessee. I haven’t played basketball on a regular basis since grade school, but my life is full of basketball memories.

I vaguely remember going to a DePaul game with my dad and sitting in the top row of Alumni Hall when I was 5 or 6. I remember it was the top row because I could reach up and touch the ceiling. I remember watching Michael Jordan at the old Chicago Stadium.

I was struck by the image of this netless rusted hoop. I imagined years of one-on-one games my friend and her sister must have played under it.

Things change. And life silently goes on.

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