Billy Sheahan Photography August Postcard

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Time is your friend. A little over a year ago, a vague image came to me, as most shoot ideas most often begin. I love working with water in my photography and I was contemplating different ways to create with it in my work. Just as the pool shoot a while back took a year from the first little brain bubble to the final realization, this one took it’s time as well.

It’s funny how much life can go by in a year. Friends come and go… and come again. Frances and I hadn’t worked together in about a year and when I finally figured out how to move my idea from inside my head to an actual photograph, the opportunity to collaborate with her again on this project arrived with perfect timing.

The actual shoot took about three days, moving my studio to my good friends Mark and Melissa’s house, their garage specifically, building the Black Pond set, filling it with water from their garden
hose, shooting and breaking it down at the end so their cars could have a home again. As the shoot progressed, we knew something special was happening. Behind the scenes images can be found on my blog.

It was well worth the wait.

Life. It’s all in the timing.


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