Billy Sheahan Photography July Postcard

Sometimes a little window opens up. A small bit of time you know is fleeting and it will be gone if you think about it too long before acting. A few months ago, I had the chance to shoot in a beautiful location, 25 stories above Michigan Avenue. A model friend of mine and I spent two nights until the sun came up exploring the unfinished space. The welders and overnight construction workers weren’t sure what to make of us I imagine, but it probably made their shift a little more interesting.

It’s always a challenge shooting against glass. The reflections are the biggest battle. I was covered in black from head to toe, including gloves so you couldn’t see my image in the glass. We used one light on her and let the city fill in on it’s own.

The buildings along Michigan Avenue are architecturally so inspiring. Pictures taken in the 1920s look so different, with the exception of a few buildings that were there then and still remain to this day, like the one in this image.

A beautiful fleeting moment high above the city.


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