Billy Sheahan Photography June Postcard

One of my biggest challenges when shooting fashion is to try to create an image that showcases the dress or jewelry or, in this case, fabulous shoes, but do it in a way that still feels like art. It’s a hard line to walk sometimes.

I have beautiful light coming in from the west in my studio and depending on the time of year or the time of day, it’s better light than I could ever hope to create artificially. There’s just something about shooting without a lot of cords and electricity and just following the sun around my studio that is more freeing than being tethered to something stationary.

It becomes a bit of a dance. Waiting for the right moment as the sun creates amazing shadows that creep across the walls and floor. No rewinding. No going back. Just making the most out of an ever changing moment.

And I think that’s what’s most rewarding about an image like this. Just the basics. My beautiful model Frances, a camera, a tricycle, and perfect natural light. When all the moments converge together and you know you have the shot, it’s when fashion meets art in the most amazing way.


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