Billy Sheahan Photography May Postcard

Someone once asked me if I pick the photographs for the postcards months in advance. The simple answer is no. Sometimes I do like to use a very recent photo that I’ve made, and other times it’s something years old. But each image I select is usually on my mind in some way or another the week I select it.

This one is of a warehouse in Chicago’s Fulton Market is from last fall, but for some reason pushed it’s way to the head of the class this month. From the very moment I was reviewing images from that shoot I was struck by this image. There’s nothing very special about the building. There were certainly more historically important and architecturally interesting buildings I photographed that same night less than a mile away. But like I said, something about this image…

This shoot was part of a personal assignment to go out and shoot Chicago like I would shoot a city in Europe for instance. I walk these streets every day and very rarely take the time to look at it through my lens. The warehouse district is just a few blocks from my studio and if I happen to be walking home through there around 3am, it’s already starting to come to life. Forklifts, trucks being loaded, all in the darkness. I’m ending my day and they’re just starting theirs.


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