Writing for the new portfolio

I’ll be heading to New York in a little over a week, armed with a photo portfolio of new work to drop off at Vogue and Vanity Fair while I’m there. It’s always an exciting process to put a new book together.

Tonight I was visiting my friend Justine at a bar downtown that she works at, and over a few Effen Black Cherry drinks and a half a pack of cigarettes I wrote most of the text for the new book.

Text for a photo portfolio, you say?

Well yes. I’ve found that people enjoy my writing about my photographs as much as the photographs themselves. And in a world where hundreds of portfolios are dropped off every day at magazines like this, you’ve got to try to stand out in some way. The photography is good, but sometimes you need a little edge.

So I write. And I find sometimes the best way for me to do it is to for me to get away from my computer and write on the road. A pad of paper and a pencil. I’ve been doing that for years. All over the world. Cafe Adler in Berlin. A street side café in Bologna. A courtyard in Paris. A breakfast table in Santorini. And tonight, an Irish pub in Chicago.

I think I’m going to scan the handwritten pages rather than transcribe them and use my own handwriting in this book. It felt good tonight and I know when to follow a feeling.

And speaking of following a feeling. I photographed Lynn again last night. It was a great shoot. She’s such an amazing collaborator and one of the reasons I have so much new work for my book this year. The image you see here is from that shoot. She wanted to watch one of her favorite TV shows, so I set her up on my sofa and lit her and we just did our thing.

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