Well I didn’t fall out of bed once last night. Those twin beds are like sleeping on a rail sometimes. But I did pretty well. My old room feels smaller than I remember, but it was still very familiar.

I’m sitting at the hospital now while my mom sleeps. I got here this morning at 8, when visiting hours began, and we’d been talking pretty much all morning which is really a relief. We’re still not exactly sure what happened. Again, this is not the forum to get into specifics of such a personal nature so that’s all I’ll say.

But we all had a bit of a scare and right now we’re in the will life return to normal in a few days or is life going to be different forever question. It’s a little odd to start thinking in those terms. Everyone goes through this, so I know I’m not feeling anything new. But I just feel a little adrift. And more than a little helpless.

My sister is using internet to access the vast wealth of medical information out there. She’s feeding it all to me faster than I can comprehend it. But I’m trying. There is so much information out there. What applies and what is just a symptomatic coincidence?

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon two days ago. Not a care in the world. My friend Justine and I were sitting on my roof enjoying the beautiful sky and city views. Having a mid-afternoon cocktail. Talking, laughing.

And then a phone call changes everything.

I’m glad she was there. I just started talking about I have no idea what. But it felt good to ramble while I waited for the next phone call with more details. She’s a good listener.

I had been working on my new photo portfolio this weekend to take to New York at the end of the week, a trip that looks like it may not happen now. The portfolio is good. One of my best in a long time. It feels like me. As I was laying it out, I realized I had way too many images selected on the first round. So some pairing down was in order.

Maybe I’ll put some samples up at some point when life rights itself…. hopefully soon.

But it’s a good book. I’m very happy with it and I’m glad I finished it before life had to pause.

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