Out of gas

I was just telling someone the other day that everyone is allowed one “running out of gas” story per car. Sometimes you want to check to see how far below the E you can go before you’re really out of gas.

But if you run out of gas more than once, you’re just kind of an idiot.

But you can run out of gas in other ways too and as my friend Jillian can now attest to, it sometimes happens in the funniest of ways.

Twice this past week I pulled all-nighters with my model friend Lynn. There comes a point about 3 or 4 in the morning that you just decide it’s best to keep going than to try to crawl into bed for a couple of hours and so on two occasions, we decided just to keep going.

It was fun. Great talks, going over all the shoots we’ve had since January. A perfect mix of productive and silly.

But when Thursday night came around and I should have been heading home to try to catch up on a little sleep, Katie and a few friends decided we should all go to Debonaire. I think I was home by 1am, but still it was a long day.

Jillian called about 2am and we caught up on a lot of things but I was struggling to stay awake.

And then it happened.

I heard this little “beep.”

I wasn’t quite sure where I was but as I opened my eyes, I saw my phone lying on my chest, still open. The beep was my low battery indicator.

I should have had one for me too!

I really couldn’t remember saying goodbye to Jillian, so I was pretty sure I just fell asleep while she was talking. I texted her the next morning to find out. Sure enough, “Hi there sleepy!” was her response.

Well at least I know how far past E I can go now before running out of gas.

This is one of the first pictures I made with Stella this year. I love the dark texture. She’s been wonderful to shoot.

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