I love New York in… April

Well it’s official. I’m going to be celebrating my birthday in New York this year. I love the energy there. I really do think it’s the center of the universe.

There is a photography exhibit that I was hoping I’d get to see before it closed and I’ll just be making it. It’s a special exhibit of the work of one of my favorite Parisien photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson. His work has always been inspiring to me and there is nothing like getting to see original prints that he made with his own hands.

New York is the only place it will be showing in the US and so it’s a very special treat to see his work like this. And even better, since I’m an Air France Flying Blue member, I get to see it for free!

Plus I’ll get to spend time with two of my best friends, Mark and Cheree who are, at once, wonderful, generous and creative.

I’ll take my latest portfolio full of new work and show it to a few people I’ve been wanting to take it to as well. It’s going to be a great, great trip.

This image today is more of the new work I recently made with Stella who has beautifully long legs and a wonderful sense of herself in front of the camera. A pleasure to create with!

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