Framing Pictures

It’s funny how little things that seem obvious in hindsight are elusive to me in the moment.

You would imagine that I have lots of my photographs hanging in my studio and you’d be correct in that guess. But there are some frames that I managed to get up on the walls, or at least near the spot they would eventually hang but I hadn’t figured out what photographs to put in them.

Two in the main bathroom have literally been hanging on the wall with nothing in them for more than a year. Until this past weekend. Now they, and many other previously empty frames, have new work in them.

I should explain that much like anyone would take great care in what they hang on their walls, I know I have to live with something I take the time to print and frame for a long time. And for some reason, even though I was shooting a lot last year, I wasn’t ready to commit to putting any of that work in those frames.

But over the weekend I began going through work from the last three months. I began making some prints. And I really liked them. And I looked at the empty frames. And I filled them.

And I guess the obvious thing I was saying at the beginning of all of this, is that for the first time in a long time, maybe a few years, I really really like the images I’m creating. They really represent me in a way I’m very happy with.

So it’s nice to walk around my studio and see the new stuff up.

This image is one of the new ones I did with Lynn. She’s been very inspiring and generous in the most amazing way. We’ll be making a lot more in months to come.

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