Bonne anniversaire

Well Birthweek kicked off last night and it looks like it’s going to be going for a while. It’s been a tough week with my mom and I think I needed to blow off some steam. She’s really still pretty sick and we’re all worried about her, but doing the best we can.

So some friends of mine took me out for my birthday last night to get my mind off of everything and it was nice to just have a good time and laugh and have a few drinks. Nice cards and Katie bought me a beautiful Henri Cartier-Bresson photography book since she knew I was going to see his exhibit this weekend. Most thoughtful of her.

It was great fun and I’m fortunate to have a great group of friends like this.

Well there’s a big storm in NY today, so instead of arriving this afternoon, I’m going to be flying to Atlanta and hopefully on to NY by sometime this evening. These things happen. I’m not really too upset about it. I guess if I get stuck in Atlanta, I can see if my model friend Melissa is in town and maybe have a little surprise visit!

I showed my new book to a few people last night and everyone was blown away. It confirms my feeling that it’s the best book I’ve ever put together. It’s really been exciting to watch everyone turn the pages and watch their faces.

Onto NY!

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