Billy Sheahan Photography April Postcard

It’s my birthday month this month. I really enjoy my birthday. Years ago I sort of pioneered the concept of birth week. Meaning that sometimes, one day to celebrate is simply not enough!

I just got off the phone will my great friend Jillian Ann, who is featured on this month’s postcard. We made plans for her to come into town for a week so we can make more wonderful photos. We’re both in an interesting place creatively at the moment and that usually results in some amazing images. I’m sure this time will be no different.

I’ve been meeting and working with lots of new models this year and it’s been a very rewarding experience artistically. But I’ve been photographing Jillian for about six years now and every time we work together it’s like picking up where we left off. We’ve both been through a lot in those six years and it usually finds it’s way into our art in one way or another. To look at our work over the years really is an interesting progression.

And I guess that’s what life is all about. Progression.

So as I celebrate my birthweek this April, it’s not about what has been, but life as we all progress forward!

Raise a glass!


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