Spring Restlessness

Some random thoughts:

It’s the 4th anniversary of the US-Iraq war today. Yes it’s the Bush administration’s fault that we’re in it. But are those of us who have been against it from the beginning making enough noise to end it? W and his incredibly inept bunch of power hungry bastards got us there. When does it become our fault – the ordinary people of the US – that we’re still there? Soon I think.

I think I’m outgrowing my world again. Every few years I have to do something to shake it up. My ambitions are hitting the ceiling once more. Maybe Chicago is too small for me. I’ve been getting ready to send out new photographic work to some pretty hard to get into places. But I have always been lucky that way. Or maybe it’s actually talent and hard work that I keep mistaking for luck.

It is a funny time in Chicago right now. That time of year when we get a few days in the 60s and everyone goes crazy. Wearing clothes more suitable for July. It’s like the city has spent the morning eating candy and by noon is running around on a city-wide sugar high until the crash of the inevitable 30 degree weather returns in a few days.

I’m tired of recurring subscriptions to magazines and other things that automatically charge your credit card again without you noticing. I’m making it a point to never again subscribe to anything that doesn’t allow me to subscribe for one year at a time without it automatically renewing. You should too.

However, one of my favorite subscriptions just started again (manually with me sending it in when it expired!) and it makes me happy. Paris Vogue. My French has gotten a little rusty in the past six months, but it’s good enough that I can still more or less read it without having to look up too much.

And I’ve been watching Lost in French as well these days. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. It’s things like Paris Vogue and Lost with French subtitles that are keeping my language skills fairly up to date. I even had to speak Spanish the other day, and it was surprising how much I could remember. I speak French more often than Spanish, but it’s still there in some dusty part of my brain.

This morning, I downloaded the first album I ever bought as a little kid. I remember I bought it in the record section of Carson Pirie Scott. It was a safe record, parent -wise. Homecoming by America. Sort of 70’s folk rock. It’s been fun to listen to it today. Just as I remember when I was nine years old.

Of course, the next record I bought was Kiss – Double Platinum. Not a parent favorite.

It’s funny how some of my monthly postcard generate more interest than others. The March one of the Roberto Cavallis seems to be one of those that is spiking with a lot of interest. Funny, I was planning on going with another image of a different model when I switched it at the last minute. Interesting how those things work out.

The image above is some a recent shoot high above Chicago. I’ve been shooting in some new spaces recently and it feels good to stretch a little bit that way as well. Once it gets warm and I mean on a regular basis, it will be back to shooting outside again. Looking forward to that.

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