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I have to laugh. Usually when I go this long without writing something here it’s because things are either really good, or really bad. In this case it’s the former.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself in the last three weeks, wow I really have to write some of this down. But there have simply been too many good things going on to find the time.

I think I’ll start with the New Years Redux party I had a while back.

The holidays are always full of obligations and pressures and overscheduled days and nights. So I think when New Years comes around, everyone is really ready to let off some steam. The problem is though, that it’s another holiday that is loaded with it’s own pressures.

It’s like you have to have a good time. You have to kiss someone at midnight. If you have a bad New Years Eve, it will set the tone for the rest of your year.


I actually had a very good New Years Eve with my friends Mark and Melissa at their house. A little quiet dinner party and champagne at midnight under a full moon. Great conversation, lots of laughs and… well… just the perfect way to ring in 2007.

But afterward I kept hearing stories from my friends about their New Years Eves that were just not what they were hoping for.

So I decided to have a New Years do-over. It was a little bit of genius. Wipe away a bad New Years Eve and start fresh without all the pressures. Just fill up my home with my good friends one evening two weeks after January 1st. Everyone had to bring something to eat and drink and we just let it happen.

And it was great!

In fact even days before it happened, so many excited people came up to me and asked was I going to do it every year? Well, I said, since I haven’t even done it once yet this year, I’d like to see how it went. But yes, I can tell you now my New Years Redux Party will be an annual event.

I think everyone was ready for that kind of a party, just a party for no reason instead of countless Christmas and holiday parties, and the one with the most pressure of all – New Years Eve.

Rather than come up with an iTunes playlist, I just decided to play Christina Aguilera all night. I’ve been listening to her Back to Basics album pretty much every day, and it just felt right. Back to Basics. Yeah.

Jill and CJ brought the strangest thing I think I’ve ever seen. It arrived on a cake platter complete with the clear lid and it looked like a normal round layer cake, but upon closer inspection, we discovered it was a meat cake. Yep. The frosting was actually mashed potatoes colored like frosting with food coloring and the layers were meatloaf. Oh and candles made out of bacon. Brilliant.

We counted down at midnight, laughing all the way at the ridiculousness of counting down to midnight on some random day, but it worked! We popped bottles of Veuve that everyone re-gifted. Everyone had a great time and they’re already asking when my next party will be. It’s been suggested that I have an anti-Valentime’s Day party and maybe combine it with a costume party. Sounds pretty good to me.

So New Years was already off to a good start, but because of more than just a great party. The party was on Sunday night, Martin Luther King Day Eve, so most of us had the next day off, but around the party I had scheduled three photoshoots on the Saturday before and Monday after.

I started out 2007 with three new models that I’ve just begun working with and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve been shooting several times a week, even in the middle of the night if that’s the only time we can find the time to work and it has been amazingly productive.

They’re all enthusiastic and ready to jump in and make amazing pictures and that’s what we’ve been doing. Some of the most fun shooting I’ve had in a very long time. One of them really makes me laugh and push myself even harder when she looks at me after a great set and says, “Okay, what else?!” I like to work with people that push me to create original and fearless art and I’m happy to say that it’s working like crazy.

We’re still going through the editing process of choosing between the three thousand pictures we’ve created in the last two weeks, so it may be a little while before I manage to get any up here, but here’s a tiny little tease of an image.

Over the years, when I see something that might be interesting for a shoot, I pick it up and put it away in one of the many “someday” containers that I keep all my photo supplies in. Well we’ve been emptying those bins faster than I ever thought we would. The photography is amazing and I couldn’t do it without incredibly generous, excited and creative collaborators. Thank you all!

So much more to come!

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