Billy Sheahan Photography January Postcard

Even though I sent out of January Postcard a while back, I thought I would post it here since I started sending them out via email for 2007. If anyone wishes to subscribe to the free monthly postcard emailings, click here.

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Okay, enough business for now… here’s the January postcard…

Even though January can be a little cold and gloomy, it’s one of my favorite times of year. And I think it’s because I get a chance to breathe. All the holiday rushing is behind me and I can begin to simplify my life again. Smaller things become satisfying again. The effortless. The unembellished.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in the complications of life that continue to demand more and more of us. We’re running so fast that we forget to find beauty in the things that we somehow stopped managing to see. Turn the volume down a notch. Enjoy a moment of quiet. Stare at something beautiful and be late to an appointment.

And so I thought I would pick and image this month that reflected that. Simple but beautiful lines. An understated yet breathtaking shape.

I’m looking forward to creating new work in 2007 that is inspiring in the most true and basic way. I have new collaborators and we’ve already begun the process of new ideas together knowing we’re going to try things that will fail along the way at times, but we’ll also make some incredible photographs because we’re going to be fearless.

I think we’re all anxious to stretch and see where the art muse takes us. There’s a level of excitement that I haven’t felt with subjects in a while and we’re feeling a little bit invincible right now.

Here’s to 2007!

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