Los Angeles part 3

Overheard bits of conversation walking around LA today…

“…with that boa, he looks like a french whore and he smells like a french whore…”

“…I just fucking hate him…”

I want to write a book sometime that is just bits of conversation I hear as I’m walking by people on the sidewalk. But there’s clearly a lot of material here.

Ryan and I have been hiking up in Runyon Canyon for the last two days. It’s been about 12 years since I hiked up there. It’s changed a lot. There are fancy gates at the entrance now and a new steeper path that gets you up to the top faster, but it gets your heart racing. It’s been fun.

We window shopped on Melrose. Always fun to see the displays.

We’ve been sampling cocktails here and there. We stopped at Hamburger Mary’s on Santa Monica tonight. It was Drag Queen Bingo Night there. Wildberry mohitos seemed to be the appropriate drink and we enjoyed two there. They also have a great bathroom with a disco ball and a boom box that just plays Dancing Queen over and over on a loop.

Last night her friends at Ruth’s Chris in Beverly Hills set us up with a fabulous meal like I haven’t had in a long time. Great people watching there as well.

But we’ve mostly been spending a lot of time walking and talking. It’s been great. Talking about good things and bad, but just perfect with a good friend. That’s what life is about. I feel very good after a few days here.

Tomorrow I’m heading home. Back to the winter gray of Chicago. But my head has a nice fresh coat on it from the sun here, and it’s been nice to sip drinks in outdoor patios. I’ll go into the long winter with my batteries fully recharged.

Thanks Ryan.

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