Chicago and Billy Sheahan Photography Store is Open

Many things going on these days. So let’s get right to it.

First of all, there’s now a very easy way to purchase Billy Sheahan Photography prints and avoid the long lines at the mall. Point your web browser to Billy Sheahan Photography Store at Fotki. Firefox seems to play best with that site, but you can pretty much use anything you want to browse hundred of images. And they’re mailed right to your door through the US mail or FedEx if you’ve waited until the last minute.

Currently there are galleries online from Paris 1994, Paris 2005, Paris 2006, Amsterdam, Italy 1993, Italy 1999, Prague 1999, Pompeii Italy 1993, New Orleans 1997, and a very special new gallery from Chicago.

The Chicago gallery is very special to me for a number of reasons, but mostly because my good friend Ryan in California pretty much ordered me to go out and shoot the city I live in that I have clearly been taking for granted. We were talking last Sunday and she was asking my why I never took my cameras out to shoot the beautiful Windy City with the same care and wonder that I would shoot Florence or Berlin.

She was right. The assignment was start walking and don’t come back until I have filled up a 2GB memory card of images of the city I lived in. And so I did. I found my traveling to other countries zone and opened my eyes like I was seeing Chicago for the first time.

I tried to create images of Chicago that were modern, but a bit ageless as well, to reflect how I feel about Chicago.

It worked. Thank you Ryan. I’m very happy with the images.

Have a look and do some shopping if you need something different for gift giving this year.

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