The Chill of Summer

There’s been something in the air the last few days. A chill. August is barely out the door and I feel a cool that can only mean change is on the way.

As I kid, I always hated August because it meant the finale of summer and all things fun. The words Back to School Sale were harbingers of the end of carefree days.

This time I’m embracing the chill like an old friend. I’m shedding my summer skin and looking to the future. It’s easy to get complacent during the summer. But I don’t feel complacent anymore. I was walking the other evening and felt the cold on my face and felt it wash away a kind of mental slumber. It was a slap to wake up.

I got slapped good this week.

And at first I was sad. But then I got angry. And I woke up. And I’m stronger now.

I took the first steps to take a more active control of the future of my photography. I made a few phone calls and made another sale of one of my big pieces. I’m having dinner with a great friend tonight who runs in some nice art circles and she’s going to help me with my marketing and help me get into more art shows than I have been able to do on my own.

I spent a lot of time with friends in the last few days that I haven’t seen in a while. I think they could all sense I was going through something and they came out of the woodwork. It felt warm and very pleasant. Another great friend of mine is returning from the U.K. in a week or two after being gone for four years. It will be good to have her back in drinking distance.

I’ve been cleaning like crazy. Organizing. Getting rid of the clutter. It feels good. Fall cleaning. Deep breaths. Fresh space to work.

I was sending out the August postcards this week, (yes, very late, but I’m already working on the September postcard, so I won’t be so far behind on that one!) and I was inspecting the addresses as they came out of the printer. The mailing list is a bit of a time machine for me. It needs to be updated, and I’ll probably tackle that this weekend as well. Like a closet full of old clothes, there is an expiration date.

I’m shooting with a new model this weekend. Very promising. Early, but the connection with her feels good so far.

And I’ve really been enjoying editing the shoot I did with Melissa last weekend. As always it has yielded unique and wonderful images. Things I’ve never done before. She’s a great collaborator.

So yes, summer is over and maybe not a moment too soon. A bit sad to see it go in a way, but for the first time in my life, I’m looking forward to fall and the changes and new adventures it will bring.

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