September Postcard Vote

I’m in the process of preparing the September postcard. I have it narrowed down to between two images from the recent Melissa rooftop angel shoot. Still doing retouching and color correction on the images, but they’re both in a place that at least you can get an overall idea of what the final will look like. Any thoughts on either one? We’ll call them “Sitting” and “Hanging” to make it easy to differentiate, how about that?

I think I have a favorite between the two, but this is a hard one this month. If you’d rather not post a public notice, simply email me at and let me know what your thoughts are.

I’ve never really put the postcard out to a vote before and I may never again (!) but I thought it might be fun this time just this once.

And just a little background on both of these images. They were both shot with a Canon 5D digital camera, which is a 12 megapixel camera, accounting for all the detail. It’s actually the first digital camera besides a $30k digital back I once had access to for a day, that I really think makes images that rival my film work.

Since digital is always a color image, I’ve had to learn how to use the various color channels in combination to find just the right monochrome look. It’s never just a matter of turning the color off. It’s more like having three different intensities of B&W that each respond differently to colors and finding a balance between them that brings out certain details in the gray palettes. A little complicated at first, but it makes sense after doing it for a while.

Okay, so much for the behind the scenes. Let me know what you think!

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