The Creative Struggle

Ever have one of those weekends? I’m near the end of one, but looking back at it now, some bad things happened, but I’d have to admit that the good things outweighed the bad. In other words, the good things were very good.

I know that I’m creating great art again because it’s become difficult. I had a wonderful shoot with Frances last weekend and we really struggled with it. But we kept talking and the art turned out pretty amazing. Some of my favorite nude images I’ve created in some time. Really special.

I’ll have some of those up soon. Still editing, which I’m sure are words that you readers are tired of hearing, but… all in good time. Things are so good that there are almost too many good images to go through.

And there are plenty of new images that Morgan and I have done, both in Paris and back in Chicago that will be up here soon as well. We’ve been working very hard at coming up with new and interesting ways to make images and it’s really been paying off. My French final for level four is tomorrow, so I’ll have a little breather before the next level begins, so hopefully there will be some time to go through them and find a few great ones to post here.

I got to catch up with me great friend Colleen a little while back. She’s been a great friend for so many years that I knew that when we managed to find ourselves on the same continent again, we’d have a wonderful time catching up on nine years of absence. And we did. It really felt good.

One of the highlights of this weekend was that another great friend of mine, Melissa was in town for a few days and we had great fun making better images than we have together in a long time. Again, I think we struggled to find what we were both looking for. It seems like the work is getting so good it takes a while to really work at the level that we’re wanting to achieve. But we did it. And the photos you see here are very early favorites. I couldn’t really do a blog posting with no photos now could I?!!

And she and Morgan and I carved a little time out of our busy schedule to see Cirque du Soleil one more time before they left town. It was my fourth time seeing Corteo and Morgan’s second, but it continues to amaze and inspire me. Some of the most creative and gifted and talented humans I’ve ever seen. They create a world that is simply breathtaking.

And then champagne on my roof to celebrate all that was going right in our lives at the moment. Even when it seems like we’re fighting smaller life battles, we’re reminded of how lucky we really are to be with good friends and create wonderful, amazing things with them.

Thank you Colleen, Frances, Morgan and Melissa!

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