Merci Caitlin !

I have to be up in too few hours to write much here tonight, but before I drift off, I must acknowledge someone who became a very important member of Billy Sheahan Photography Worldwide™ this summer.

Caitlin will always have the distinction of being my first intern, and I feel sorry for everyone who comes after her because they will have a tough act to follow. I just took her out to dinner at Marché to thank her for all her hard work and support and insight and now she’s on her way to becoming a great filmmaker by way of the very hard to get into, USC.

She did all the usual things I need to get done around here. Scanning and archiving and filing and organizing. In fact she was able to help me finish the cataloging of a four year backlog of negatives, a job that I hadn’t been able to get done on my own the past few years.

But because she has such a good eye for all things visual, I began to have her look through all of the images from my shoots the last year or so and pick her favorites. Her interpretation and insight were quite remarkable and I’m going to miss her eyes on my most recent work.

Sadly and ironically, I don’t have a single photograph of Caitlin, but I do have her notes from some images of mine that were her favorites. So this image is a favorite of hers from a recent photoshoot with Frances. Caitlin really loved the work that Frances and I did with the black lights and I’ll be doing more of it because of her strong feelings about it.

Thanks again Caitlin and best of luck to you in your future which is going to be pretty spectacular!

Merci encore !

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