Les Bleus !

So on Sunday, I’ll be at my French School, Alliance Française to watch les Bleus, or for you Yanks, the French national football team take on Italy for the Coupe du Monde… Yes, the World Cup. I guess I was always one of those Americans who thought it was a little odd that we called our championship baseball series the World Series since, at least until very recently, the rest of the world pretty much hasn’t managed to spend much time with a bat and baseball.

No the World Cup is actually a world event, even though Americans have been slow on the uptick on that one. But since I’m a guy who really doesn’t care when the Chicago Bears report to training camp, I surprised myself by being completely caught up in the World Cup this year. A group of friends and I actually got up at 5am four years ago to watch the matches live from South Korea, so keeping up with them in the middle of the day in the States has been comparatively easy this time around.

But there I was on Wednesday evening at Alliance Française after class excitedly talking about Thierry Henry and Zinédine Zidane like they were boyhood heroes. And I was doing it in French no less!

In fact I’ve been scouring the internet to find foreign language coverage of the matches since the American commentators seem to be about as up on World Cup Football as… well… average Americans. So yes, I’ve been enjoying watching in Spanish, French and German, complete with commercials better than they are here.

But perhaps it’s no coincidence that I’m really enjoying the Coupe du Monde this year because France has come from nowhere and has a very real shot at beating Italy on Sunday. Morgan and I are heading to our apartment in Paris in an ever diminishing number of days, and the buzz of France and the games and the fact that I’m already starting to throw things in my suitcase, has me positively giddy.

Ah Paris!

But it hasn’t been all packing and footballing around here the last few weeks. I’ve been doing quite of bit of shooting with some results that I simply couldn’t be happier with. So many new amazing images that I’m actually getting behind in getting them out into the wild here!

These are from a shoot I had a couple of weeks ago with two models I’ve never worked with from the East Coast named Elizabeth and Melissa. I do seem to photograph a lot of Melissas as time goes by. I think this is my third Melissa in this first image and she was great fun to work with.

The second image is using the beautiful natural light that streams into my studio this time of year against my red wall. I decided to make this image B&W even though the red was incredibly vivid…. or maybe exactly because of that. I’m still careful about introducing color to my art in some instances because I think it changes the meaning to something I’m not about.

So many more images from this shoot and others coming very soon!

Vive la France !

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