Bonjour de Paris !

This is our 6th day in Paris, and I’m happy to say it’s the first time I’ve really sat down at the computer to do something other than look up an address or work on my French translation. It’s been good to be away from all things computer while in Paris. If you’ve been reading the links to Morgan’s blog, you know we’re relaxing and having a great trip so far, not really doing much work, but enjoying the pace of Paris and the language and the art and culture and becoming inspired for what we will create while we’re here.

In the frenzy to get everything put together before we left the States, some things didn’t get quite finished. Almost, but not quite. It took me several hours to pack up all the couture we were planning to bring with us, and by the time I finished that and got all the camera gear packed and my personal clothes, the limo was set to arrive way sooner than I was prepared for, so I threw the unfinished work in a suitcase and brought it along.

One of the nice things, and there are so many, about having an apartment here this time around is that we truly can live and work here. If we thought our trip last September felt like living in Paris, this visit completely overshadows that one. We have a lovely little kitchen and we’ve been using it pretty much non stop. It’s nice to know that since we’re cooking dinner at home a lot of the time that we can always splurge on a few extra bottles of wine every day and not worry about the bills when we get back to the States.

Yesterday was portfolio day. Morgan and I have really come into our own with our recent work and it was an absolute pleasure to go through our books and replace some of our older work with the more recent photographs. That was one of the unfinished pieces of business that got shoved in a suitcase at the last minute, so I brought my cutting board and exacto knife and trimmed all the photos to size here in our apartment.

Morgan has been writing the modeling agencies here to get some information on perhaps working here and after our portfolio day yesterday, I really have to say I’m blown away by what she’s accomplished in less than a year. Our photos of her have grown in strength and beauty and attitude. So much so that some of our recent work I can honestly say are some of the finest photographs I have ever made. She’s certainly beautiful, but what makes her a joy to photograph is what’s inside. She’s a true artist and I think our work has become a valued collaboration, each of us pushing the other beyond what we may have thought we were both capable of. It’s a great artistic relationship.

And then there’s Paris! An hour doesn’t go by here when I’m not grateful that I made the decision to go to school to learn French. I’ve been taking classes since last December at Alliance Française in Chicago. It’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my adult life. Learning a language is not something you casually take up as a hobby. It requires a great commitment of time and energy, two things that I seem to just barely keep up with the demand for them. Between my photography work, film editing and learning French, there really isn’t much time for anything else. Perhaps that’s why even though Morgan and I have alllllllllmost had a couple of photoshoots since we arrived, I think we both needed a little time to relax and clear our heads. We mutually decided not to rush things or force ourselves to be creative too soon. Paris has a very specific heartbeat and we know we’ll make amazing images if we simply allow ourselves to get in sync with the pulse of Paris.

One of our favorite ways to end the day is to finish dinner and move out onto our balcony overlooking Boulevard Saint-Michel. We usually finish off our second bottle of wine, and then a third, all the time watching the Tour Eiffel go through it’s pattern of light shows as the sun sets and finally becomes night around 11. It’s those moments of talking and laughing on our little balcony with a view that can only be described as cinematic, when we both realize how fortunate we are to be here, enjoying perhaps the most beautiful city in the world in a way few get to experience.

More later… back to Paris.

Au reviour et bonne journée !

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