Getting Noticed

This is probably going to be a frustrating blog for you faithful readers, because I can’t give away the ending…. at least not in public. But it seems like I’m showing up on the radar these days. Twice this week I’ve heard from major art collectors in Chicago.

My philosophy has always been that good work gets noticed, and so all my life I’ve been quietly been working away creating what I think is important to me and just concentrating on making beautiful, moving photography. Even though I’ve been giving more attention to the business side of late, the promotion, advertising and recruiting of new models, I probably haven’t been giving that as much time as it requires just because it seems like three hours a night of sleep is no longer heathy for me. So something’s got to give.

And what has been going is that I’m not promoting myself nearly as much as I should. The monthly postcards are good, and I’ll be honest, just that small, once a month mailing does seem to keep me in the mix at least a little bit. The exhibition at Echo Gallery here in Chicago is due to come down any day now (they seem to be leaving it up because it’s still generating interest), and that has put my work out in a public setting again for the first time in a long time.

My greatest wish through all of this would be that the work would speak for itself. I’m a typical artist in that I’m not much of a salesman. And that hurts me because the photography is so good that if I were to shine more of a spotlight on it, I would easily capture the attention of more people.

But at the same time it’s been fun this year to see the collectors discovering this “new emerging photographer” and talking with them about my work and having them really understand it. I see how collectors get excited about getting in on the ground floor and buying my work, hoping that it will increase in value in time. It’s very exciting to feel all of that positive energy. The word of mouth and buzz seems to be gathering a nice head of steam.

So I’m afraid I’ll have to close this entry with only this purposely vague statement that I’m on the radar now. WAY on the radar.

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