Smaller Pleasures

Not much time tonight, but some fun things should not go unwritten before turning in for the night.

First, I stopped at the Gap his evening to buy some new jeans. Not a big deal to probably everyone who is reading this, so let me explain. When one achieves the ridiculous body size that I had achieved at this time last year, one isn’t able to shop in everyday stores. You have to shop at one of the appropriately named Big and Tall stores. So being able to walk into a store like the Gap and walk out with a pair of jeans, or two in this case, off the shelf, well that’s pretty cool. Now granted, since America has gotten huge, the Gap does stock larger sizes, but happily, I’m getting in the more normal people sizes now. Still a ways to go, but really, that was a nice little moment today.

I was once asked what my fetishes were. It was on TV, so I thought quickly and said “watches and shoes.” It was PBS, so I guess I could have been a little more… interesting, shall we say, but I decided to keep it clean for Big Bird. Anyway, I do collect watches. I have a nice variety of them. But like so many other things in my life, when you get big, so do your wrists. And I’ve had to keep that collection tucked away, waiting for a day when my appendages were a little less like tree stumps.

Well that day arrived this week as well and it had been long enough that I had to take them in and get new batteries put in them. So yesterday I picked up three and dropped off another. It’s been fun to wear them again. I missed them. One of them is a beautiful watch that has a Man Ray photograph of a nude on the face. I bought it in Milan when I was there in 1999, and it was good to see that old friend again. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately that coincidentaly keep mentioning Man Ray’s work in Paris about seventy or eighty years ago, so it’s been nice to wear one of his images again.

And my last smaller pleasure today was a nice quiet moment framing a photograph long overdue to be delivered. I spent so much time getting my big show framed this past winter and spring that I’d forgotten how nice it was to just deal with one photograph at a time. It’s a photo of the little town of Bellagio on Lake Como in northern Italy. I was walking along a small path that links the small towns together, winding along the shore of that beautiful lake, nestled at the base of the Italian Alps. This particular print turned out just great and like all of my framed art, it’s always a little sad to see it go.

I’m pleased to say I have art hanging all over this country now and even in several countries in Europe as well. So it’s nice to know people are enjoying it in their homes in far off lands. It’s the one thing that I really love about being an artist is that every once in a while I’ll be visiting someone and see one of my photographs hanging on the wall and I will have completely forgotten about it. A small pleasure I do enjoy when I remember to slow down and close my eyes and imagine my work as little dots all over the globe.

Sometimes the smaller pleasures are the best ones.

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