Ma Première Feuille de Larme de Français (My First French Tear Sheet)

tear sheet | te(ə)r sh ēt |
a page that can or has been removed from a newspaper, magazine or book for use separately.

Tear sheets are a bit like merit badges. They’re proof that someone thought your work was good enough for it to be published. There’s nothing better than seeing one of my images in an unexpected place, like a magazine or a poster or flyer. I guess I have been published like that many times, but for some reason, this one was different… special.

It’s been a week of introspection for me. Starting over on some level and at the same time realizing so many of my goals are well within my reach. It’s a bit of a paradox. But then, art is like that.

So when I got an email from Jillian Ann this afternoon, with an unexpected attachment, well it pretty much made my week. A few weeks ago you may remember Jillian was in town to shoot some pictures with me and one of our projects was to shoot some images to use to promote her music. I made arrangements to use a beautiful Steinway piano in my building at Music in the Loft so we could make some photographs of Jillian performing in an interesting space.

When I opened today’s attachment I discovered that our favorite image from that set was featured in an article about Jillian in this months issue of a popular French teen magazine called Filles Clin d’Oeil (Girls Wink). As I read the article beneath the photo – I can now because my French is getting better every day – it was really an incredible feeling to have a photo credit in the context of this beautiful language that I’m am really enjoying learning.

It seems like there are so many little successes like this pointing me in a very specific direction. Would I have been excited about a tear sheet from an Italian or German magazine? Sure, but there is something about the French language and culture that really resonates with me these days.

Maybe it’s because I have decided to rededicate myself to shooting more of my art. I died a little the other day when I decided that it had become necessary to put a artistic nudity warning on my website. I’m realizing that this country is not moving forward culturally or in a truly human sense. It’s moving backwards. As far as my art is concerned, I feel that Europe, any more specifically France and Paris is more like home to me. I can understand why nearly a century ago, artists from all over the world flocked to Paris to discover their true selves. The idea that I had to put a warning on and electronically rate my site as “R” goes against everything I believe my art is. So maybe it’s true that you can’t be a prophet in your own land.

But back to happier things. The scans of the magazine are a little low quality, but I’ve done my best to clean them up and make them a little more presentable. My photo credit is basically a smudge on this scan, but it’s there and with any luck, I’ll be able to get a real copy of the magazine in the near future and I’ll be able to scan it at higher quality. But in the mean time, here it is!

Jillian called tonight to check up on me. She’s really on the verge of huge things, but she took the time to call and make sure my recent introspection wasn’t getting to me. We talked for an hour as she walked her dog in LA. She’s going to help me find models that have my creative sensibilities to help create my art with and also help me take the next few important steps that I’m ready to take to achieve more of what I need to.

Things are going to be alright!

Les choses vont être bien !

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