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I got to call the BBC today. That was fun. I’ve never done that before. My friend Monkaey is working on a music project for the Manchester Big Screen and I got a chance to call her at the Beeb where she’s got a bit of an office there while she nurtures her burgeoning music and film empire.

She’s been such a good friend to me over the years, always supportive and encouraging and hopefully I do a little of the same for her. She’s been keeping up with me through my blog and vice versa and it was about time we connected and filled in some of the blanks that blogs in their necessary vagueness, seem to be full of as of late.

So I got to tell her of some amazing things going on in my photography world, that sadly I still cannot discuss in public, but they’re great! And I also got to fill her in on a bit of a quest I’ve been on to find a new model or two to help me realize some nude work that I need to get back to.

She was quite helpful and even though it’s been a frustrating challenge to find just the right person to collaborate with in the last few years, I am looking for someone I can forge a very long term relationship with on an artistic level. In the past, models that I’ve had the opportunity to create that particular art with are always so much more than bodies in front of my lens. We’ve shared a vision of what it is we’re trying to create and I can honestly say is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I know they would say the same thing.

So I have things I need to do and prepare as I strike out to find a new inspiration. I’m excited about the possibilities since I’ve had some time to consider the new directions my art has taken. It’s an important thing that I cannot and should not delay any longer.

This is an photograph from my current show at Echo Gallery that has been extended a little while longer because it seems that people are still making quite a few appointments to see it before it comes down. Thank you!

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