So now I’m back… from outerspace…

Haven’t written in a while. Needed to get out of the sun for a while and wash my face.

It’s nice to be missed though. Who knew what a ruckus I would create by taking a time out? Certainly not me.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to come back as well as those who talked with me at great length about blogs and what ramifications they have on actual human to human contact. It’s the in-person relationships that mean the most to me, but as long as we all agree that a blog entry is only second best when it comes to finding out how your friends are doing, then I think we’ll all be okay.

With that out of the way….

Jillian Ann is staying with me for a few days while we work on more beautiful photographs. We plan to cover a lot of ground this weekend, so this will be short. But this morning we got a chance to shoot in a beautiful space in my building.

I love my building so much. The creative vibe here is just off the charts. Modeling agencies, photographers, musicians. It’s really got so much artistic energy warming the bricks that it’s hard not to make great art here.

One of my neighbors is Music in the Loft. It’s a beautiful space created by two very generous people which provides young up and coming classical musicians with a place to perform in front of an intimate audience. I had never seen the space in person, but you can always tell when it’s concert night because of all the shiny cars pulled up in front of the building with beautiful people stepping out.

One of the themes Jillian and I wanted to create during our time together this weekend were more images that focused on her piano performance. She’s in the process of releasing a new CD of some of her acoustic piano work to add to her more electronic releases already available on iTunes and we wanted to make a few photographs that were a little less model-y and a little more about her as a musician.

I was having trouble finding a grand piano and a location for the shoot, so I about 3am one night I put a sign up in our mail room explaining my situation. 5 hours later I got a call from one of Music in the Loft people, a great guy, and we set a date and time. We shot about 500 images around a beautiful Steinway and this is one of my favorites when I told Jillian she had to smile in a few. She has a great smile and I don’t photograph it as much as I should.

And then we chilled and talked about life and now we’re going to dinner before we shoot some more today.

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