Happily Exhausted

This has really been a great week. I just finished the fifth shoot I’ve had in the last seven days. I’m having another tomorrow which means I’ll have had six in the last eight days. I think that’s a new record for me. That’s good though. I’m happiest when I’m shooting. So I’ve been a very happy man lately.

Jillian Ann left this week after a bit of a marathon shooting stretch for both of us. As always we came up with some very creative and different kinds of images. I never know what to expect, but I’m always amazed with what we create. I’ll post a few more here today.

I’m honored to say one of my photographs will be the cover art for one of her upcoming CDs called Punk Meditations. It’s an image we made last summer and one of her artists has created a beautifully organic looking piece of art from it. I’m quite excited to be a part of that.

And after almost three months, my exhibition at Echo Galleryis finally coming to a close on May 18th, but not before one final closing reception. This week, I got a call from Derek, one of the curators there, asking if I would attend one more party there to celebrate a most successful showing. I’m not sure of the exact date, but I’ll pass it along here and on my Billy Sheahan Photography website as soon as I get that information. It’s been a wonderful run and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

And if that weren’t enough this week, I attended yet another fashion show. A good friend of mine managed to get me a bit of VIP access and as always I had a great time. Between Chicago Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago and now this, I’ve attended quite a few runway shows this spring and I intend to continue that trend. I’ll post a photo here from the Custo Barcelona show. Ironically, my friend Melissa who was sitting next to me at this week’s show, was wearing a Custo shirt that evening. I love the great fun, colors and designs of Custo.

Must get to sleep now. Another big shoot day tomorrow!

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