My good friend Monkaey over in the UK asked me to post a few extra blogs this week leading up to my photography exhibition this weekend, and so I am. At nearly the same time, Morgan made an interesting observation that, and I’m paraphrasing, when she writes in her blog, she reminds herself that she should really not be writing about what she’s feeling and thinking to the cold internet, but she should be actually having conversations with her warm friends about what she’s writing.

Interesting observation.

I think as long as one follows the wise quote, “Everything in moderation, including moderation”, I think we’ll all be okay. In other words, yes, absolutely talk to your friends about all kinds of things on your mind, but since I consider writing or journaling or blogging a form of self expression, I think it is healthy and valid as well, as long as you don’t ignore your in-person friends in the process.

To me, writing allows you to slow down and think for a minute. Your brain thinks a thought, and your fingers type it and then your eyes read it and send it back to your brain. A nice little circle of self-awareness if you ask me. And of course, you didn’t.

Now do these thoughts all need to be in public? Probably not, including my own here. In fact sometimes when our inner voice spills out onto the internet for all eternity… “Clean up in aisle 4!”

But that’s not exactly the reconnecting I’m talking about here tonight. No, to answer Monkaey’s request about how I’m feeling about the show as it gets closer, I think I’m feeling relief that there is no time to make any more changes, or decisions or add or subtract anything. The books of my underwater photography won’t make it back from the printer on time, which is only unfortunate in that they cost a lot of money to get printed and they’ll most likely arrive after the second reception, just in time for… well… nothing. But I guess I’m even fine with that. There will be another show and another time to offer them for sale. And I’ll have them.

But the main thing I’m feeling is this sense of reconnecting with a lot of people I haven’t had the chance to in quite some time. It’s like sending out invitations to the show was an excuse to contact them and it gave them an excuse to respond back to me. I know we shouldn’t need a gallery exhibition to do this, but maybe because it seems like a special occasion, we’re all reaching out to each other. It’s been a very humbling experience for me. I feel very well supported.

And another thing I keep hearing from people is something along the lines of, “We’re excited because we really don’t get invited to art openings,” or “I haven’t been to an art opening in I don’t know how long,” or “It sounds like a nice excuse to get out and do something different for a change.” So it feels like everyone who I talk to about it is really excited about getting out from behind our computers and to experience something together as a little art community. I’m very happy to be a bit of a catalyst for that. I know it’s something different for me as well because my photography is my ultimate form of expression and getting a chance to do it in such a positive setting is really… well… both rare and exhilarating.

And so I’ll get to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in a while and even those I see almost every day, but in a much different setting. And if you can’t make it, I am told you’ll be able to tune into the webcam by following these instructions here.

So yes, there is nothing better than real face to face interaction with another human being. In fact, my preferred interaction is one on one. I love sitting across from someone I care about or someone who is interesting to me and spending hours talking and listening to what is in our respective heads. Call me selfish, but I tend to tune out when I’m in a large group of people because it’s not the same as really focusing on one person. You can never really give everyone the attention that you want and they in turn are distracted as well by the other humans around them. No, give me one on one, a couple of cocktails and no where to be in the morning and I call that a perfect human connection.

It’s all about the mind. I make beautiful images of stunning women, but it’s the ticking behind their engaging eyes that really keeps me coming back for more. Reconnecting. Click.

Here’s one of Jillian Ann. Definitely someone home behind those eyes!

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