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Yes, I’m afraid we’ve created a little empire. This was going to be the night I actually got to bed at a decent hour and caught up on my sleep, but I was reminded that I’m selling books as well as photographs at the Echo Gallery show which opens a week from Saturday on February 18th, 2006. So I retrieved the original galleys from a little book I created a few years ago and updated it with new color corrected and retouched images (thanks Heather Hay) and updated the copy.

And now through the miracle that is the internet, it’s uploading to the printers as I write this to make enough copies and hopefully get those back to me by next Friday to sell at the exhibition. Yes, Billy Sheahan Worldwide is publishing now as well. It will be a book of the Underwater part of the Echo show and will include many photographs that won’t be in the show simply because… well you can only show so many at an exhibition… and I’m already showing 20 photographs.

And of course I was so busy getting all the prints ready for the exhibition that I’ve neglected to get postcards made to publicize the show and so a rush order with the standard 100% rush charge went in today, and hopefully I’ll get those postcards tomorrow (or should I say later today since it’s almost 2am) and get them addressed and metered and in the mail before the last pickup on Friday night so they will hopefully begin arriving to the people on my mailing last perhaps as early as Monday, just a week before the opening.

It it sounds like I’m bitching, I guess maybe I am a little, but I guess the constant stream of deadlines has gotten to me. My amazing friend Mark Munson, an tremendous ceramic artist in his own right, helped me transport everything over to the gallery tonight. And as I joined the other artists filing in with their carefully packaged works of art it felt like I had actually made it… until I was reminded about the books.

But if I just stop and take a breath for a moment… and enjoy this very moment… I have to say I’m quite happy. I have wonderful friends, many of who are on the staff of Billy Sheahan Photography, and they have been incredibly supportive throughout all of this. I certainly couldn’t have done this without them.

I think it’s official. Billy Sheahan Worldwide will have our Christmas party in July this year, simply because I hate rushing around during the holidays and it will be nice to only have one holiday party to go to during that month. Secret Santa will be a little easier as well. I haven’t quite decided whether we’re going to have the party here at the studio, or at some swanky private room, or maybe as Oprah does, I’ll fly the staff to Hawaii for a week. They certainly deserve it.

Here’s another one from a recent shoot with Morgan. It’s the closest we been to going out on location since technically it was outside my studio, but in reality it was in the elevator in the building, so since we didn’t even make it outside, I’m not sure if it qualifies as on location! I think we’re waiting for it to warm up a bit before I subject her to the cold in fabulous, but not very warm couture!

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