Soooooooo Close!

I should really not be taking the time to write here, but I am so excited I just may explode! I promised myself that I would not make the new Billy Sheahan Photography site live until it was all done! But I’m not sure I have the self control to do it. The basic framework is all there. The ironic thing is that the only things that aren’t done… are the photo galleries!

I know, I know… “Billy??!! What the hell good is your new website without photo galleries??!!” See you don’t understand. Really the hard part of designing a website is actually coming up with the look and navigation. Once you have that, it’s actually quite easy… I mean not easy… you still have to code dozens and dozens of pages, but you have a system. I’ve been working on this for weeks now and I’m so close I can taste it. I’m so tempted to just skip sleep tonight and finish it. I know that would be soooo bad for me, but… Auuuuuuughhhhhh! I’m sooooooooo close!

The images you see here are of the lovely and inspiring Jillian Ann from last week. I sent her home with a hard drive full of images we have created in the last five years… 85GB worth for you geeks out there. We’ll be editing these for a while! We had such great fun and it was a nice mix of shooting, talking, enjoying good healthy food and hanging out with her and some of my friends. I think at the end of it we wished we could have had another day to shoot, but she’ll be back once she finishes her new album.

Okay, now I must get back to coding. It’s 1:40am. I just needed to come up for air for a minute!

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