Happy New Year Indeed

They say that how you spend your New Years Eve is indicative of how the rest of your year will be. I really don’t believe in that stuff. I just got done with the most amazing year of my life in 2005, and for the life of me I can’t remember what I did last year, but it must have been pretty amazing.

This year, however, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble remembering what I did. It was… perfect.

Morgan came over about five or six and we talked and I cooked us a nice pasta dinner. Then we got ready to go to a beautiful private party at Echo Gallery. But… and this is what made it so perfect… we got ready… oh… so… slowly. A little makeup… and little talking… picking out beautiful clothes to wear… more talking… a few cosmopolitans… more talking… and finally Morgan emerged as beautiful as I have ever seen her in Italian couture and we were on our way. The evening was already amazing and we hadn’t even arrived at the party.

Derek and Veronika are the proprietors of Echo Gallery and also are the geniuses behind the Haute Couture clothing line of Narcisse Designs. As usual, they were most gracious hosts. We arrived just before 11pm and we were welcomed like long lost family.

Echo Gallery is a very warm and comfortable place. Morgan and I caught up with a few of my artist friends and met some new ones as well. Ann Marie Weinert is a gorgeous renaissance woman who I had the pleasure of photographing for the first time this year. I’m sure we’ll do more again in 2006. Among her many job titles, she is the co-host of her own web radio show called Ann Marie & Katy. I like it enough to advertise on it! But anyway, we had a great time talking to her and her energy makes any party all the more festive.

Ken Keirns was there as well. His “big head” art is beautiful to look at as is his more object oriented art. And he is one of the most pleasant and humble humans I have ever had to pleasure to chat with at a party. All the more amazing when you see his art and realize he could certainly be much more arrogant about it. We had a great time catching up with him and hearing about his recent large show. Very successful.

One of the other artists we got a chance to meet was a Las Vegas photographer originally from Turkey named Max V. Where else would a Turkish photographer end up but Vegas, right??!! Perfect! I always love the opportunity to speak with artists from other countries and we got a chance to discuss Turkey’s application to become part of the European Union, which is really going to have significance, whichever way it ends up going, both for Turkey and the EU in years to come.

Finally in the midst of all the New Years fun, we got a chance to speak with Derek about my upcoming exhibit there. It’s the first tome I’ve shown in public in five years and selecting the show has been much more difficult than I thought it would be. That’s the last time I hold my public artistic breath for five years. I’ve been busy creating and there is a lot to choose from. But it looks like I’ll be a part of their Valentine’s Day exhibition during the month of February and March. When I get exact dates for the opening and the run of the show, I’ll post them here.

It’s all terribly exciting!

As the party started to wind down, Morgan and I returned to my loft and unwound and enjoyed the afterglow. It was her first industry event as a model and from the reaction of everyone there, she’s going to do very well. We talked about our plans and goals for 2006 and called it a night.

Morgan is my best friend. It’s been amazing to see her start to become the person she is. There’s nothing like watching her light up a room with her beauty and intelligence. As she put it, “We’re going to make great pics in 2006!”

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