Picking the Show

This will be even shorter than last night… it has to be. It’s 1:30am and I have to be at the lab at 8:30am to pick up film from Saturday’s shoot.

But before I get to the show…

French class was fun tonight. I got paired off with a woman called Caroline and we had to come up with a little skit that was supposed to take place at a café, two people meeting using as much french as we know. Questions and answers. To make a long story short we wanted to come up with a funny ending and so it ended with her telling me she was a proctologist and me turning and yelling, “check please!”

We totally cracked the professor up. It was great! And all in french I might add!

So I’m in the process of picking the show for Echo Gallery in February. This is always so hard for me to do. I haven’t shown in public in five years. How do I narrow down the thousands of photographs I’ve created since then to about 20 that we’ll pick the final show from? I’m not sure. I’m down to about 300 right now and I’m not even up to the images I’ve created this year.

I’m using a new program from Apple called Aperture to help cull down the volume of images. So far so good. It’s amazing what I’m finding going through dozens of shoots with fresh eyes. It’s an embarrassment of riches I’m happy to say!

Here’s one of the undiscovered ones from tonight. Maybe it will make the cut, maybe not! That’s a carefully applied mixture of flour and water covering her body to make it look like a marble statue.

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