La vie est belle

Je m’appelle Billy. Je suis photographe.

Sometimes my life is so good I’m embarrassed about it. Tonight is one of those nights. I’m just home from a night out with one of my most precious friends, Ryan. It’s been a long time since we had several hours to spend together, just talking and enjoying each other’s company. I have missed her. It was so wonderful to spend an evening with her eating delicious food, drinking flavorful cosmopolitans and rich French wine. It’s been too long. I love talking with her. Je t’aime Ryan.

Once again I am a student. I’m a little rusty I’ll admit. So rusty in fact that I arrived at my first day of class without a notebook or a pen. It’s been a while. But I’m good at borrowing and I found someone willing to lend me a pen at La Alliance Français Mediatheque and I’m very good at writing in margins, so I managed my first class.

I’m taking the first steps to widening my horizons. I’m officially learning to speak French. Je parle a peu la Français. It’s been both difficult and satisfying. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been in a classroom and it’s taken me about 24 hours to recover the concept of learning and homework. But I’m staying afloat and I’m very excited to be challenging my brain in this way. Just like the exercise I’ve been subjecting my physical body to, it’s about time I worked my mind out as well.

Mon professeur est a very patient man who has really brought fun to learning a new language. I both laugh a lot and furrow my brow. But it’s so rewarding when the light turns on. He handed out a map of Paris tonight as one of our exercises and it was so wonderful to see those streets again. That familiar seashell shape of the most beautiful city I have ever visited..

J’ habité à Paris à l’Hôtel de Suede à trente une Rue Vaneau.

It looks like I will be exhibiting my photography for the first time in five years at Echo Gallery some time in February. It’s been too long. Five years in fact. I’m thrilled to be showing work that I’ve been creating for the last half decade that has never been shown in public before.

So yes, la vie est belle. Bonne nuit!

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