For those of you reading in other countries, the American holiday of Thanksgiving is supposed to commemorate a meal the first European settlers had with the Native American Indians more than three hundred years ago. It was supposed to be a meal of thanks. Well we all know what happened shortly after that. The white men took pretty much everything from the Native Americans and they’re still taking to this day.

So my own personal meaning for Thanksgiving tries to find a better purpose for being. Today I spent time, in person and on the phone, with people who I care a great deal about. Holidays are never perfect, but getting a chance to talk with and see the faces of people I love makes me grateful to be alive.

Some of you perhaps know how much I love you and some may not know the depth of my love for you, but no matter. Hopefully the feelings I have for you will help me to continue to put positive energy out into the world. Your inspiration and guidance are something I will never take for granted. Hopefully the art I create will be worthy of my intense gratitude for having you in my life.

Je t’aime. Merci.

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