A Long Walk

No shooting today, so I had a little time to take care of a few things I’ve been meaning to do. I mean I’d rather be shooting, but the to do list was getting a little ridiculous. But it’s not all work either. I’ve been managing a good long walk every day, sometimes two and it’s been feeling very good on a number of fronts.

First, it’s good for me. Very good for me. I can do three miles at a stretch without even blinking. Must have started with all of that walking in Paris. I’m going through a lot of lotion on my feet to keep them happy, but it’s been a nice thing to do for myself every day.

I’ve been walking to and from places I never would have dreamed of a few months ago. Better for me than a cab. Plus I’ve been getting a very good look at this city of mine. Seems like since I’m such a visual person, it’s silly for me not to take the time to view it at 3mph like I would if I were exploring a great city in Europe. I’ve been finding lots of places that would serve as good locations for this fashion project I’m working on with my muse. It’s getting chilly out there, but 15 minutes here or there, I think we can handle. Maybe.

So I’m feeling good physically and mentally these days, although it seems like there is a lot of pain out there going on with a few very close friends of mine. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking to and about them. Sometimes I feel like I can help and sometimes I just feel a bit helpless. Sometimes I feel like I am not the answer, but it’s hard for me to disengage sometimes. I’ve been thinking a lot on these long walks. Seems like a good thing to do. Gives me some time to sort through everything.

I walked five miles tonight. Ended up downtown and took in a movie called Good Night, And Good Luck. It’s really quite a timely film. David Strathairn plays television newsman Edward R. Murrow who took on Senator Joe McCarthy in the 50s when the Senator was bullying the citizenry in the name of national security.
If it sounds somehow familiar in terms of what we are going through now in the name of national security, it is. George Clooney directs and stars in it as well. He’s really starting to use his star power to do some good out there. I raise my glass to him.

And in terms of the photography of the film, it’s beautiful. Black and white. Everyone is smoking and I’m afraid nothing looks quite as good on screen as cigarette smoke in B&W. Well, wait a minute. I can think of a bunch of things that look that good, but you get my point. Go see it, talk about it and pay attention to your news consumption. You are what you eat. Make sure it’s not junk.

I’m continuing to get some of my art up on the walls here. It’s about time, but I have to say it’s tricky to pick the images. Seems I always need help with that, so it’s going a little slowly. But the prints looks great and I’m having fun making them. It’s nice to have a catalog of 35,000 images to choose from. And it’s growing every week.

So I have some friends in a bit of pain these days and it makes me a little sad to know that. It’s good that we have each other, even when we’re in different cities or just across town. It’s nice to have people to support you. It’s nice to be supported. Sometimes it just takes a little time to yourself to help sort through things. I know my long walks help me.

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