Off to Vegas Baby!

The limo arrives at 7:15am tomorrow morning. If you’re going to have a rock star time in Vegas, you’ve got to rock start it off right! Me and the Hughes sisters are heading out for a few days in the sun. I think the three of us are all in need of a little R&R. Maybe a little pampering as well.

My good friends Venessa and Justin are getting hitched on the lawn of the Flamingo on Monday. I love a wedding in the desert in August, right? I’m pretty sure we all have to stand on one leg like flamingos during the ceremony. I’ve been practicing. Justin and Venessa are amazing musicians. Justin is in a great hip-hop band called Farm Crew. And Venessa is getting her songs together and singing on a few Farm Crew tracks and pretty much blowing people away with her incredible voice. They both are full of talent, those two.

You can here some of their music on the Farm Crew website.

I should be packing for the trip, but it’s funny, ever since I started traveling internationally, flying anywhere domestically seems like taking a cab across town and I don’t really sweat getting ready for the short trips like I used to. I figure if I forget something, I’ll be in a big city and I can get anything I might forget there.

So here I am scanning more photos from the Jillian Ann shoot and making disks for Ann Marie from her great shoot a week and a half ago. We were shooting for a website called Culture Junkie . They have cool T-shirts and underwear and shoes… but alas… no photos of them being worn by a fabulous model like Ann Marie. That should be rectified soon.

Here are a couple of the photos from the shoot. There are so many more great ones. One of the things I love about shooting Ann Marie is that her personality really comes through in these images. I don’t usually shoot “assignments” like this. I usually just stick to making art so to speak, so it was fun to try to mix the commercial with the art.

Okay, now I must throw some things in a suitcase and hit the sack. Viva Las Vegas!

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  1. Vegas, baby! Hope you are having a top-shelf time at the blackjack tables dude. Full report expected on my desktop next week! Til then, you’re money cha. MONKAEY

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