Hard to focus with play on the mind

I think what I’ve been going through the last week is very interesting. I’ve been in the mood to play. Not really in the mood to work. I think for those who know me, that’s a good thing. I work an awful lot. The film editing has been really relentless lately, and then it’s been working late into the night on scanning and organizing everything from the recent shoots. Jillian Ann’s music video needs some more attention as well. These are all good things. But I want to play.

And so I have. It might also be that I feel a little in limbo between two trips right now. The trip to Vegas was amazing in a non-Vegas kind of way and shortly I’ll be jetting off to Paris, so I think it has been difficult to seriously concentrate on anything serious at the moment. I know I deserve a little down time. It’s just that it seems that there are a lot of people who rely on the “Billy-Machine” and I have not really been as ready to toss away my personal time to accomplish ever single task that might be expected of me. I think I got a little taste of time off… not knowing what time it was or even what day of the week, and it seems like it’s been almost two years since I’ve not been under some kind of series of deadlines. The taste has made me hungry for more.

So world… pardon me while I blow you off for a while. You know… all work and no play…

I’ve seen too many talented people just chuck it all in the last few years because they forgot to play. I don’t intend to be one of them.

And so I will go to Paris and play. Morgan is coming with me. It should be great fun. Here we are on top of the Rio hotel in Vegas.

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