Around the Horn.. and Some Help

My day started before it ended today. I got one of those nasty 10pm second winds again and ended up staying up all night attacking a ridiculous stack of papers on my desk. By 2am I could see the desk top and by 3am I had room to set up my redundant hard drives that every night automatically backs up all my photographs… an important consideration when you have thousands upon thousand of images. I’ve been a bit nervous about not having them in operation since the big move.

So when 3am rolled around, across the pond in Manchester, England my friend Monkaey was already in her mid-morning there and I caught her online. We chatted for a great hour and then it was time for what was really only a nap for a couple of hours. It’s funny how far away she is, but we always manage to catch up online either by chat or now with Skype, which is just too cool for words because you can talk long distance to your friends with nothing more than your computers. Clear as a bell too!

This month, Monkaey is celebrating her first year anniversary in the UK and I’m mighty impressed. Not that there haven’t been times when I wanted to chuck it all here in the last few years with this current freakshow of an administration and head to a more reasonable country, but she has managed to carve out a little living for herself in addition to working on her documentaries, one of which arrived in the mail for me today. Can’t wait to check it out. Nice work Monk. I raise my pint to you!

Tonight then consisted of going through and choosing a few dozen more photographs from 2001 that I’m working on these days. My friend Heather has graciously inquired about helping me with the touching up of some of my film and that’s a helping hand I’m no going to turn down. Film is beautiful but inevitably during the developing and later the scanning process the negatives can really pick up the dust. She says I can pay her in waffles and beer for her efforts, but I think I make have to come up with a more proper arrangement unless her landlord really likes waffles and beer as well. So I’ve just finished making her a disk with enough images to pick a few to try out and I’ll pass that along tomorrow. This is sort of a trial run. I know she’s got mad-retouching skillz, but we’ll have to see how she feels after squinting at a slew of naked/nearly naked models. 🙂

Somebody’s got to do it, right?

Here’s one from that series that I’m considering for the August postcard. This is from the first time I photographed this woman who eventually became one of my favorite muses and friends. It’s not often that a first shoot goes so well, but the planets really seemed to be lining up like crazy on this one!

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