Second Wind

I’m sitting here laughing because it’s just before 10pm and even though I couldn’t keep my eyes open all evening, I now have gotten the dreaded late evening second wind. I just got off the phone with Jillian Ann and as usual, after a nice long conversation always measured in hours not minutes, I can’t even think about going to sleep now. We’re in the middle of so many projects now both collectively and on our own that it does seem like sleep is going to lose out once again.

Things are really getting good for her musically now. It’s a very exciting time. Soon, very soon she’s going to be even bigger than she already is. It’s been one of my favorite things the past few years watching it take form. Check out some of her music here: It’s just demos online at this point. The really good stuff isn’t available to the public yet. It’s going to be HUGE!

I’ve know her for about five years now and in that time we’ve both learned a lot – from each other and from those around us. It’s been extremely healthy to have her in my life. Both mentally and physically. She teaches me a lot. Hopefully I’m teaching her a few things as well.

Tomorrow I’m photographing a woman I keep bumping into at various art and fashion events around Chicago. We’ve been talking about working together for… welll it probably has been a year or two. Her name is Ann Marie Weinert. She’s an actor/model/make-up artist/radio personality. I always seem to gravitate to people who have a lot of slashes in their titles. Funny thing though, a friend of mine gave me the nickname of slash for just that reason. I also have a lot of slashes in my “so what do you do” response.

Ann Marie is really great. I’ve been looking forward to photographing her ever since I first met her at one of those art parties. She is a beauty with skillz. Always an interesting combination. You can hear her on her radio show at Fearless Radio – Ann Marie & Katy.

Must get ready for the shoot tomorrow. Very exciting!

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