Loving Life

Well that little dip last weekend didn’t last long. Thanks to Monkaey and others for slapping me around a little and getting me out of it. Sometimes I don’t write in the ol’ blog unless I’m feeling something happy or heavy and well, I had a little heavy and it spilled out onto the web.

“Clean up in aisle 4!”

But oh things are back to normal now. I am just loving being on the planet this week. I know that there is craziness out there, both in the US (“If you can find a more insane group of government leaders, we’ll give you twice the difference back in cash!”) and in Europe (“We’re terribly sorry we shot the electrician on his way to work.”) but becuase it seems like it’s just so relentless lately, I’m trying to keep a reasonable face on all of it. I think it’s all we can do. If the world is ugly, lets try to put some beautiful out there. I never want to become numb to it as easy as that might be, but I want to try to equalize it a bit.

That’s where the artists come in. They take the pain, sadness, anger, joy, lust, beauty and put it on the wall, right where it should be. Imagine if the suicide bombers were given paint brushes and canvas (wow, I just typed pain brushes by accident… or was it an accident… hmmm) … anyway… Imagine if the suicide bombers were given paint brushes and canvas and told to PAINT the 72 virgins instead of being taught how to kill for them… I wonder what the world would be like. Better… much better.

Yes, so I am loving my life right now. Last night I was celebrating the birthday of a good friend of mine and she and some other friends of mine were hopping from one restaurant/bar to another hoping to find one with working air conditioning in the 100 degree heat, and we ended up having cocktails at my place. The air conditioning works swimmingly here.

Sore feet led to trying on some spectacular thigh high boots that I keep around for such an occasion, and an impromptu photoshoot broke out. I LOVE it when that happens. I adore my new studio! The photos were nothing scandalous or anything… more rock star than anything else. I’ll have to get permission from my friend before I post anything from that shoot up here, because that’s my way, but it was tremendous fun and I’m still buzzing about it today.

In the meantime, I’m working on editing Jillian Ann’s music video that we shot a couple of weeks ago. I shot it in High Def and the footage turned out great. Now it’s just a matter of trying out different things in the edit to see what seems to go together best. I love editing and this project is definitely a labor of love. Here’s a screen grab from the rough cut.

The song that we’re creating the music video for is one of her older ones, but one that I have been thinking about using in some film project ever since I heard it, so we decided maybe instead of finding a film project that I was working on that we could use it in, we would create the film project ourselves. Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best. The piece is called Movement in Slow Motion. The video is pretty much just that. But anything with Jillian in it is never just anything!

Here’s another still image from our recent shoot. I love living my life.

Now stop reading this and go out and find something to love about your life!

I mean it!

Right now!

Do it!

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